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Groomsmen Gift Guide: Mr. GQ

Looking for the perfect groomsman gift for your oh so fashionable “Mr. GQ” friend? Visions is here to help!

We know that finding a groomsmen gift that everyone will love is much more challenging that it seems. It is important to keep in mind that no two people out there are the same, and Visions knows that. So we are here to help you grooms find a perfect gift for all the personalities in your wedding party.

This groomsman is the pretty boy of the group and is dressed to kill no matter the occasion! You can find him rocking all the trendiest clothes, talking smooth, and always looking great doing it. If this sounds like someone in your wedding, here’s some tips on how to find him a gift he’ll love.

groomsmen gift guide mr gq

1. Flask Gift Set by Engraving Pro  2. Initial cufflinks by Time Monogram

3. Bottle Opener Sunglasses by The Man Registry  4. “Tie The Knot” Gift Box by Aisle Always Love

The Mr. GQ Groomsmen

  • It’s all about the classics: Shoot for gifts that this dude will want to show off from now until the end of time. When you’re looking at pictures 30 years from now, you wont ever regret wearing the classics. Because they won’t ever go out of style! So get this handsome fella a slick tie or a stunning set of cufflinks that wouldn’t disappoint Mr. Ralph Lauren.
  • 50 shades of black: They don’t call it a Black Tie Event for nothing. It is the highest of the high end! A classy, sophisticated event where everybody who’s anybody is attending will be labeled as “Black Tie”. Handsome gentleman with gelled hair, expensive black suits, and martinis in hand will be everywhere you look. So, whatever gifts you have in mind for this gent, get it in black to make it stylish and high fashion. After all, you know what they say, “It’s more than a color; it’s a statement,” and making a statement is what this guy is all about! He would love to slip a monogrammed black flask full of whiskey into the pocket of his Tom Ford suit.
  • Use sunglasses for the ultimate ‘cool’ gift: There’s no such thing as a trendsetter that doesn’t have a killer set of shades. And what’s even better for your groomsmen than a pair with a bottle opener on the ends? (We all know about the open bar at the reception). This gift will be the talk of the party! Every fashion icon from Frank Sinatra to Leonardo DiCaprio has a great pair of blacked out sunglasses to make any outfit look fashion forward. Your groomsmen will look super upscale in their suits and specs.

Visions has made it a priority to make groomsmen gift buying easy for you. We have covered gifts for the Mr. GQ, southern gent, traditional guy next door, and all the hipsters out there. Use our guides to show your boys how much you appreciate them!

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