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Five Wedding Apps for Brides

Planning your dream wedding? There’s an app for that!

Ladies, once you’re engaged you’ll go buy every bridal magazine off the shelves and search for the perfect system to organize every last detail for your big day. Now you can have access to planning your perfect wedding right in the palm of your hand with all of the wedding apps you can get through your smart phone! There are so many apps to choose from, so Visions has laid out five incredible apps you’re going to love to have while planning your wedding!

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Our Top 5 Wedding Apps

  1. Visions Connect- Okay, we’re a little bias to this app because this is what we offer for our gorgeous brides! Visions Connect is a fantastic project management system which organizes everything for your wedding! Any file can be uploaded, everything can be kept in one place, and most importantly you have access to all of your wedding information anytime you need it! This can be accessed through laptops, tablets, and your smart phone for your convenience!
  2. WeddingHappy- This great app keeps track of your wedding timeline and your planning process by keeping track of how many days until your wedding. It holds information about your vendors, your budget, even lets you lay out which tasks your want to tackle next for your big day! This is available for smart phones and tablets for planning at any time!
  3. Wedding Scan- One of the most fun (yet most stressful) parts of getting married is registering for the wedding gifts! Wedding Scan is an app that will take the stress away, because it lets you scan any item you could ever imagine! That’s right, you can scan items from any store! This app even organizes your registry into categories and price ranges for your guests to stress less, too!
  4. Evernote- This app will let you share information with others to get the job done! Share notes with your spouse-to-be, and the notes and lists can be updated by those with access to them. You can even color-code the tasks and items for everyone to know who’s doing what. This can be used as your very own, personal wedding checklist. Once a task has been completed, it can be checked off to make sure the wedding planning is going exactly how it should be!
  5. Cozi- Calendars and planners can get so messy and confusing. With Cozi, your appointments and meetings concerning your big day will be right at the touch of a finger! It’s a calendar which can be shared across your device as well as your fiancée’s device. The app will be sure to alert you when a meeting or appointment is going to take place, and to-do lists are also available through this app to assure nothing gets forgotten.

These apps will become your best friends once you start planning your wedding. Don’t get stressed, get organized and use these apps to your advantage!

Visions makes sure planning for your big day is a breeze, both with our amazing consultants and the technology we have to help organize even the smallest details! Contact us and we will happily start helping you plan your perfect wedding!

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