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questions for proposal planning
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What is a Proposal Planner?

A proposal planner is much like a wedding planner. ie come alongside our clients from idea creation, design inspiration to executing all the details for a successful event. We work with gentlemen that want a proposal planning company to create a unique custom proposal that speaks directly to their relationship.  A proposal that has purposeful details interwoven that have sentimental meaning to just him and his fiancé. He wants a planner that executes all the planning details on his behalf and works directly with the most lucrative vendors in Chicago to provide top-notch, luxury proposal planning experience.

Why Hire a Professional Proposal Planner?

Yes, you can plan a proposal on your own. However, we guarantee an unforgettable experience that is unlike any other proposal you have seen scrolling through Pinterest or Google.  There are tons of top 10 proposal ideas or even companies that offer an idea service. But why…why would you take the most important moment of your life and give it the least amount of effort? Your girlfriend deserves more than that and you deserve more than that. This is your moment and we want to help make this an unforgettable experience. 

In serving our clients with custom proposal planning and our DIY service option, we are there to help develop and complete your ideas. As the moment comes and you get down on bended knee you don’t want your girlfriend to feel like you just did the top 10 list. Or that you hired someone to come up with an idea that has no significance to who you are as a couple.  You only get to do this once, there is no redo…hire a professional to help plan alongside you or plan the event so you can show up stress-free knowing that there is someone handling all the details.

Who is Visions Event Studio?

Visions Event Studio is known for the unparalleled experience given to their clients from a team of experts known for unmatched service and commitment.  We are Chicago Proposal Planners™ serving the sophisticated suitor on how to pop the big question. We are also coaching the Busy Brides of Chicago in planning their luxury weddings with unparalleled service and endless inspiration. At Visions, we dedicate our creativity, experience, and enthusiasm in ensuring that our clients have their dream proposal and wedding. We also ensure them the freedom to enjoy every moment of the process.

What Can You Expect Working With Visions?

We are a full-service event studio specializing in proposal planning for the gents in Chicago. While also offering comprehensive luxury wedding planning for the couples of Chicago. For over ten years we have led our clients through the joys of planning their proposal to the walk down the aisle. Our goal as a company is to make the planning process easy and enjoyable. Our mission as a company is to serve our clients well. We firmly believe that whether it’s a romantic proposal, a luxury wedding, or even an anniversary party, our clients should be taken care of every step of the way.

Do You Charge an Hourly Rate or a Flat Fee?

We offer a flat fee option for our custom proposal planning as well as an hourly rate for our Propose  Like a Pro coaching program. The custom proposal planning service starts at $1000. This includes hiring a professional proposal planner to plan every detail of your proposal and be there the day of for up to 3 hours to handle all the details.   Our Propose Like a Pro is a “done with you” coaching service to help clients plan their proposal without the price tag of a planner doing all the work. his is best for the men that may want to invest in a more cost-effective proposal idea service.

How Do You Plan a Custom Proposal for Every Client?

We are here to serve our client’s needs and that comes at a very personal level. No matter what service you choose as the best fit for you, we customize every single proposal.  That has been our goal from the beginning when we started this service 10 years ago.  We knew the top 10 places to propose in Chicago were not what we were going for when we launched our proposal planning service. We have a system that digs deep into our client’s relationships, their milestones, their memories, and the things that matter most to them. With that information, we pull concepts that will work within who they are as a couple. This helps us figure out what is the best fit for a proposal idea.

Every proposal question asked in our brainstorming session is intentional to lead to the best proposal idea. An idea that is perfect for you. While brainstorming we listen to your ideas to help you think of things that you may not have thought of that we have encountered in the years of planning.  This looks different for every client as everything is customized. This is where we are set apart from other companies. We truly want to get to know the two of you, who she is and what her expectations are, who you are, and what you have been dreaming of, and marrying the two to come up with a unique proposal.  

Do You Only Plan Proposals in Chicago?

While we are Chicago Proposal Planners™, we have helped planned countless proposals with clients all over the world. We’ve done this using our coaching services Propose Like a Pro.  While each city has its own unique venues and vendors, the methodology of a planned proposal is very simple. It can be coached in any city!  BUT…yes there is a but and it’s only for your best interest in mind.  If there is a local proposal planner in the city where you want to propose, I would highly recommend their services if you have an interest in hiring a proposal planner for full-service planning. 

I have a blog post that I go into great detail about hiring local and why it is so important.  With that said we are local to Chicago, we live here, we have relationships here and we work here.  We are open to hire for destination proposals as well within the US and internationally. Please inquire about our customized destination proposal service pricing.

Do You Provide Photography and Videography?

No, we are a full-service wedding and proposal planning event studio that specializes in idea creation and execution.  By hiring Visions Event Studio you will have access to the very best vendors in the industry. We have worked with these vendors countless times who specialize in proposal photography and videography.  I confess that I have extremely high standards when it comes to photography and videography for both proposals and weddings.  Considering that my father was a wedding photographer in Orange County, California, it is only natural that I would seek out the very best in the industry.  With that said we work hard to get the best pricing for our clients. Any discounts that are available from the vendors are offered directly to you. We do not accept any kickbacks or compensation for our recommendations. All discounts go directly to you.

I Have Spent So Much Money on the Ring. I’m Not Sure How I can Afford to Spend More Money on the Proposal. How Much Can I Expect to Spend?

This is one of my favorite aspects of proposal planning is giving proper expectations right out of the gate.  You need to have all the information so you can make an informed decision on where to put your money.  We are very transparent about our pricing as well as how and where to put the bulk of your budget.  We would never encourage you to spend the majority of your budget on a proposal planner. There are other ways to have a professional help you plan. If you have a grand vision in mind and now that you want to invest in this moment but don’t have the cash flow available right now, we offer financing for all our events big and small. 

Check out our Financing Available page for more information! It will help answer more of your questions. It is all secure and Visions Event Studio is not part of the process. It’s simply a tool we offer if needed.

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