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What Exactly Does a Chicago Proposal Planner Do?

Wedding planners plan weddings, well think of proposal planners as the “wedding planners” for men. 

We help in designing the biggest moment of his life.

Every time someone hears that I am a Chicago proposal planner they give the same reaction…that is AWESOME, jaw hits the floor!!

And yes, I have to admit its a very satisfying job.

Every once in a while, someone has no idea what a Chicago proposal planner does.

Wedding Planner Chicago
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Chicago Proposal planner???

Do you compile proposal plans for businesses? No, not at all!!

The best way to explain what a Chicago proposal planner does is to explain it this way:

“I assist men in popping the question”. The light bulb then goes on, and then que in the jaw on the floor with amazement at what an amazing career I have!

There is so much more that goes into the job description of a Chicago proposal planner and I thought it would be helpful considering few men have heard of this service or even know that it exists.

A Chicago proposal planner is much like a wedding planner, in that we plan an event from the very beginning of creation to executing all the details the day of, with implementing all details for a successful event.

One of my favorite parts of being a proposal planner is that we get to be very creative with wedding proposals.

I like to explain our creation plan as the part in the process where the white board literally takes on a life of its own. We are like an ad agency for engagements.

We don’t create your typical, standard list or templates to plan a proposal off of.

We construct bespoke proposals for affluent clients that are typically looking to spend upwards of 5K on the proposal.

The clients we work with are gentlemen that want an event studio to create a proposal that speaks to his relationship and has purposeful details interwoven into the proposal that only he and his fiancé know about.

He wants an event studio that can execute all details on his behalf and most of our clients work over the normal hours in a work week and don’t have the hours needed to execute all the little details that go into the perfect proposal.

We truly are an agency for proposal clients and we work with only the most lucrative vendors in Chicago to present our clients with top-notch, luxury proposal planning experience.

You can expect to spend $1000 – $2000 to hire a full-service proposal planner who is creating a unique, tailored proposal for you.

Hopefully this gives you an in depth look at what a proposal planner is and if you would like to hear one of our many proposal success stories, check out our “Diary of the Busy Bride” posts or you can find images in our proposal portfolio.

We are so proud of the proposals that we have created for our clients all over the nation. It’s a journey that starts with the proposal and carries into the rest of your life. With VISIONS it’s a planned partnership.





About Jenée Strickland

Visions Event Studio specializes in luxury events, including proposals and couture weddings. Jenée Strickland, owner, and lead visionnaire, has been an integral part of hundreds of weddings and proposals. Her job is a privilege; her work is a passion.

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