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Little Flower Soap Company

Etsy is a bride’s best friend when it comes to finding quality handcrafted gifts for their bridal party.

We discovered the Little Flower Soap Company’s shop and knew they were a great option, especially for our boho brides. Boho brides are notorious for their love of handcrafted products.

Bridesmaid gifts

about the little flower soap company…

Holly is the founder and lead designer of two businesses, The Little Flower Soap Co & Sweet Pea Floral Design a wedding and event floral design company in Ann Arbor, MI. Holly brings a love of great design, a passion for creating small masterpieces by hand & a desire to offer a refreshing, unique and memorable customer experience. 

Justin is a family medicine physician with a passion for herbs, vitamins, nutrition, and natural health care. Because Justin isn’t worried about the cost of ingredients his recipes can be pricy to produce and time-consuming to make but are arguably the best in our market. 

Little Flower Soaps are cold-processed in small batches using techniques perfected with time. We use the best essential oils, botanicals, and minerals. 


Our mission is to surround our dear customers with gorgeous handmade versions of everyday bath products.

We seek to make our soaps, salves, and salts into your favorites by perfecting essential oil recipes that are healing, smell wonderful, and come tastefully packaged.


We were inspired by the homemade recipes for products that come and go from our local food co-ops and farmers markets.

We realized we could create ingredient-loaded versions of these everyday necessities for our own use. Over 5 years, we have collected rave reviews and repeat customers.

When I’m feeling worn thin during rush seasons like Mother’s Day and Christmas I take a few minutes to read the 3500 + 5-star reviews that our sweet customers have left on our Etsy shop. I love seeing people say things like “it smells AMAZING” and “it’s my new favorite” and especially “this stuff really works!”

I am inspired by nature so when I’m feeling uninspired, a drive to the country, or walk in the woods fixes me right up. A strong cup of coffee and James Taylor’s greatest hits will do the trick when I can’t have a getaway.


The studio is always strewn with trays of product cooling, drying, waiting to be labeled. big candy jars full of lip balms and bakers racks full of soaps.

The packing and shipping station is unique because they managed to find a vintage scale, stapler, and scissors that still work so it feels like they are in a classic film … about packing and shipping until you run out of boxes.

Sometimes it’s a battleground where flowers and soaps fight for attention and space.


Holly’s favorite product is our Balance and Renew candle its blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils are great for relieving stress, easing headaches and helps with focus. 

“I burn it at my desk when I’m checking emails to keep me from getting distracted, it really wakes me up and clears my sinuses.”

“That’s why we chose this scent as the candle in our Bridesmaids gifts because who doesn’t need a little balance and stress relief right before or after the big day … (or during the planning process).”

Click here to go to their main website you can also find them on Etsy!

Boho brides definitely know how to appreciate the all-natural elements of Little Flower Soap Company. 

Visions is happy to help brides find handcrafted products for their bridal party. Want more ideas on bridal party bonding,? Check out our latest blog post that has all the details!

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