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The Do’s and Don’ts of Proposal Inspiration

Proposal inspiration can be found all around you, but make the big moment your own!

For those grooms who need some inspiration to find the right way to pop the question, searching the internet for creative ideas is one of the first things they do. Simply going onto Pinterest and typing “Chicago Proposal Ideas” will give you plenty of inspiration and ideas to choose from. But guys, we encourage you to keep your proposal original and one of a kind, so we have the Do’s and Don’ts of using proposal inspiration.

Proposal Ideas

The Don’ts of Proposal Inspiration

  • Don’t: Mimic another proposal. This is a big one, because every couple is different and therefore every proposal should be different. There’s a way to get inspiration without copying a proposal you’ve seen online! Being original and creative is the best way to pop the question.
  • Don’t: Forget about what she wants. For instance, if you get inspired by a proposal that you love but she wouldn’t feel the same way about it, try to brainstorm on different ideas. Yes, you should love the way you ask her, but it’s a big moment for her as well and she should absolutely love it!
  • Don’t: Settle on an idea. The proposal is something that should reflect the two of you as a couple. It’s important to put thought into it instead of simply settling on an idea that doesn’t necessarily reflect both of you perfectly.

The Do’s of Proposal Inspiration

  • Do: Take your time. Our rule of thumb is to give yourself at least three weeks to plan the proposal. This will allow you to think about the little details for just the two of you instead of duplicating a proposal you saw online. Read up on how to make your proposal personal and check out our tips for you!
  • Do: Research. The photos and videos are great to view to get inspired, but also read up different articles that could help you out. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of your proposal than you realize, so getting the right information will go a long way. For example, what will your proposal cover up be? Take a look at our advice on the cover up!
  • Do: Search what you know. By this we mean check out the great places you have locally to use for your proposal! There may be somewhere near you full of inspiration that would be perfect for your proposal! Planning to propose in Chicago? We have a list of great places that would be perfect!

Proposal inspiration is great to brainstorm different ideas of how to propose, but repeating someone else’s big moment is a definite no-go. Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind as you plan your proposal!

Visions will make sure your proposal is one of a kind, so let’s get started planning your proposal today!

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