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Did your Dream Guy Propose Yet?

Proposal season is upon us and yet you may not have a ring on your finger.  What can we do about that?

Well, first off don’t stress!  

Guys typically drag their feet, not because they aren’t sure of the relationship, it’s that they aren’t sure of themselves.  It’s the pressure of planning the perfect proposal and quite frankly they get so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to start.

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There is so much information to think about in planning a proposal.

For starters, what type of ring to purchase, what setting type, platinum or gold?  Do they propose in public or private?  Go to dinner or do something extravagant?  So many choices and no one to really go to for help.

That’s where Visions comes in, we assist with full-service proposal planning.

We start in the very beginning by helping him start planning the proposal that is unique to the two of you.

We are not helping him with the top ten proposals, this is a fully custom experience in helping him dive into your relationship, find those clues that are right in front of him and guide him in planning.

I understand that some of you may say,  I don’t want him to get help in planning the proposal, it should come from his heart.

We agree all of our ideas are meant to compliment his idea of a perfect proposal.  

We never come in and change any aspect that he has already planned, if anything we just perfect the ideas by bringing ideas he may not have thought about to his attention.  

Guys just need a little helping hand to manage all the details, from keeping a secret, to thinking about all those little details that make girls swoon.

What is the first thing girls ask once they know you are engaged??? HOW DID HE PROPOSE?

Girls, we put a lot of pressure on the guys to make it an event to remember, that it sometimes paralyzes them into taking action and start planning.

It really helps the men out, knowing what the next step is, and it helps the girls out because they know they are in good hands with Visions.  Contact us today to DROP A HINT.

About Jenée Strickland

Visions Event Studio specializes in luxury events, including proposals and couture weddings. Jenée Strickland, owner, and lead visionnaire, has been an integral part of hundreds of weddings and proposals. Her job is a privilege; her work is a passion.

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