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Diary of the Busy Bride | Stacey Leigh

What exactly is a Busy Bride you ask?

A Busy Bride is a woman with a demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s her career taking off, or her own personal business, a Busy Bride is constantly on the go.

With the average wedding taking over 200 hours to plan, Visions Event Studio knows and understands the strain this can have on any bride-to-be, and as Premier Chicago wedding planners we pride ourselves in servicing of those Busy Brides.

Diary of the Busy Bride

We are so excited to present today’s Diary of the Busy Bride- Stacey Leigh!

While planning Stacey’s proposal we obviously couldn’t talk with her, or meet face-to- face, but we are planning an event for her nonetheless.   I have to admit the sneaky aspect to proposals gives me  such an adrenaline rush!

With some clients I feel an immediate connection through their boyfriends, as if the girl I am planning this event for is one of my close girlfriends.  This is such the case with Stacey.   As Roy was describing her to me,  there were so many things that he shared that made me tear up about Stacey.  Who she is, how she has made Roy a better person- his words not mine.  I instantly fell in love with this girl myself,  how could you not!

Without further ado, here is Stacey’s Q & A on proposal, wedding ,and life being engaged. ENJOY!

Waldorf Astoria Proposal-Diary of the Busy Bride


Visions:  The night of the proposal was Roy acting nervous or giving off any clues that this was the big night?

Stacey:  To be completely honest, no! I don’t know how he held it in for as long as he did! Right before we went to dinner that night I asked him if we could stop in the Christian Louboutin store just so I could browse. Well, we both walked out with a new pair of shoes! I thought it was kind of funny he was adamant about us both getting a pair but I will never turn down a new pair of Louboutins! At dinner he was totally normal and even when we got back to the hotel and we were having a cocktail in the Waldorf Astoria lounge he was just being his normal happy self. When he left me to “go to the bathroom” and it took a long time (or seemed like it did) I started to wonder what he was doing. He’s really good at surprising me but I definitely didn’t see a proposal coming.

Visions:  We wanted to capture your heart for the city of Chicago, your love for Christmas as well as your future with Roy, do you think the proposal embodied all three?

Stacey:  YES! Absolutely! I knew however Roy was going to propose it would be very romantic and thought out but I could have never imagined he would have gone to the extent of hiring a proposal planner. The night was perfect and I was in complete shock! When I look back and think about all of the little details, like Santa and the flowers, it just proves to me how much he really pays attention to the details of the things I like.  I honestly think our wedding will have the same feel. It was just perfect and totally my style; romantic and intimate.

Visions:  We all know your mom was the first call you made to announce your engagement, who was your next call, did you immediately post to Facebook, how did you share the big news with your friends and family?

Stacey:  I can’t remember what order the calls went in but I know the next people we called were my brothers and Roy’s mom. We waited to share via Facebook until the next day when we had called and texted most of our family and friends. It was neat to be able to share the photo that Evan posted on Facebook with all of our friends. It’s one of the most special and intimate moments I will probably ever experience but I couldn’t wait to share it with our friends and family.

Visions:  With the holidays behind us, what are your plans for planning your wedding?  Have you enlisted help from girlfriends?  Has Pinterest seen your best friend for wedding inspiration?

Stacey:  We are still trying to figure out where we will get married. We are either going to get married in our home town, Omaha, or Scottsdale, AZ where Roy’s parents have a home. I have already begun a Pinterest wedding board so once we have the location determined I will be able to decide on a theme/colors and all the fun details!

Visions:  Most girls have a secret Pinterest wedding board full of inspiration of their dream wedding.  What has been your go to style as a bride?

Stacey:  I really want our wedding to be intimate and romantic. I imagine lots of beautiful flowers and candles… similar to the look and feel of when Roy proposed.

Visions:  What do you feel most pressuring at the beginning of the wedding planning, design, choosing the bridal party, venues, etc?

Stacey:  The most pressure I have felt is deciding on the location. My mother is very traditional and really wants the wedding in Omaha because it is where we live and where I grew up. I really want our wedding in Scottsdale as it is special place to Roy and me, and a place we will visit often as his parents have a home there. My father is acting as the mediator (haha) between my mom and me to help me make the right decision. Ultimately, my father has said we can do whatever we want but wants me to reflect on my mom’s feelings and think about all of the things that are important for me to have on my wedding day.

Visions:  How do you plan to juggle career and wedding planning?

Stacey:  I’m a pretty organized person and good at multi tasking so with the help from my mother and future mother in law I will be able to juggle both. Both of our mothers have plenty of experience in planning events so it will be extra special to have them help us plan our big day.

Visions:  What is the best/worst advice you have heard in your three weeks of being engaged?

Stacey:  Hmmm… this is a good question. I would probably have to say the best advice I have received has been from my father. He has helped me realize it’s not possible to make everyone happy but to think through the pluses and minuses on the location of our wedding and ultimately consider what’s most important to us on our wedding day.


Just engaged?  Need help navigating through venue search, guest list, and creating a budget?  Visions can help give us a call today to set up a consultation 773-260-0227!


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