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Diary of the Busy Bride – Iwona Tabernacki

What exactly is a Busy Bride you ask?

A Busy Bride is a woman with a demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s her career taking off, or her own personal business, a Busy Bride is constantly on the go.

Diary of the Busy BrideWith the average wedding taking over 200 hours to plan, Visions Event Studio knows and understands the strain this can have on any bride-to-be, and as Premier Chicago wedding planners we pride ourselves in servicing of those Busy Brides.

We are so excited to present today’s Diary of the Busy Bride – Iwona Tabernacki.

We cannot wait for Iwona and Ryan’s wedding this Spring. Who can resist a wedding at The Murphy Chicago? Certainly not me!

Iwona has relied heavily on Pinterest to find inspiration for her romantic styled wedding. She decided on gold, ivory, and blush for her color pallet. Iwona and I both cannot comprehend how the wedding world worked before Pinterest demonstrated step-by-step “DIY How To” pictures, or helped us put together swoon-worthy floral inspiration boards. Iwona’s wedding is sure to be a stunning event. We already cannot wait to share the pictures of this gorgeous day on the blog with you!

Murphy Wedding Chicago

 (Photo Credit: Kristen Dee Photography)

Without further ado, here is Iwona’s Q & A on proposal, wedding, and life being engaged. ENJOY!

Visions: How did Ryan propose?

Iwona: Ryan got the ring the day I was planning to celebrate my birthday with my friends. We made dinner reservations for the two of us and 6 of our closest friends on a Saturday night, two days before my birthday. When he ordered the ring he had no plans on when or how he was going to propose but once he had the ring in his hands he felt like he couldn’t wait. He told one of my closest friends that he was going to propose to me that evening but it was a surprise to everyone else. In the middle of the meal he raised his glass and wanted to make a toast which was my first clue something was going on….he never makes toasts! He started by thanking everyone for being there and that he had something he wanted to ask me. That’s when I saw my friend take out her phone and point it towards me. Ryan turned to me, got down on one knee and said he already asked my parents for their blessing and wanted to know if I would marry him. I was speechless. Not only did everyone gasp at our table but also the entire restaurant is staring at us at this point. I of course said yes, put the ring on my finger and lunged towards him kissing and hugging him. I think hours went by before I stopped shaking!

Visions: What was the first step you took in your wedding planning process?

Iwona: Booking the venue. Ryan and I live in Dallas and luckily agreed on having the wedding in Chicago, my hometown. We planned on being in the city for Thanksgiving so I made several appointments to visit venues downtown. We fell in love with The Murphy and booked it as our venue in 2015!

Visions: What is your favorite detail of your wedding you have planned so far?

Iwona: Meeting with the florist, talking about colors, flowers and decorations has probably been the most fun. Being able to express my vision for what I want the room decor to look like and actually show my Pinterest to someone was so exciting! A close second was food and wine tasting.

Visions: Inspiration is the key to a really beautiful event. What have you been using to get inspired for your wedding details?

Iwona: Luckily I’ve had many friends get married over the last couple of years so I’ve been able to get ideas from them and have a good idea of what style of wedding I want by the time I got engaged. Once I had ideas of color pallets and style of decor/dresses, researching Pinterest became a part-time job! I don’t know how women organized all those thoughts and ideas before Pinterest came along!

Visions: Are there any elements of ritual or traditions that you know you want to include in your wedding?

Iwona: My parents immigrated from Poland therefore polish traditions are very near and dear to my heart. Plenty of food and alcohol for the guests is a priority of ours! That includes very long tables of polish desserts that I am looking forward to tasting and enjoying. Also, since we will have many guests traveling in from out of state, I want to incorporate some Chicago style food into the menu as well as to the overall experience so my guests can see why I love this city so much.

Visions: What has been the most stressful part of planning so far? How did you overcome this obstacle?

Iwona: The most stressful part has probably been planning everything long distance and not being able to just jump in my car and meet a vendor for a consultation. I have gotten good use out of my cell phone and Skype to communicate with vendors in order to decide who I will work with on our big day.

Visions: What are you looking most forward to on your wedding day?

Iwona: Having all the people we love and care about in one place celebrating the most special moment of our lives with us.

Visions: What is the best advice you can give to another bride as they start their planning process?

Iwona: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There is sooooo much that goes in to planning a wedding and I have overwhelmed myself with all of the responsibility of planning every aspect. That is what bridesmaids, family and friends are for. Find small tasks that can be someone else’s responsibility. They want to help and it will make your life so much easier!

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