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Diary of a Busy Bride – Kristen Chapic

A Busy Bride is a woman with a demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s her career taking off, or her own personal business, a busy bride is always on the go.

With the average wedding taking over 200 hours to plan, Visions Event Studio knows and understands the strain this can have on any bride-to-be, and as Premier Chicago wedding planners we pride ourselves in servicing of those Busy Brides.


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We are so excited to present today’s Diary of the Busy Bride, Kristen Chapic, and her fiancé Matthew McLaughlin!

This has been the first interview Visions has done where we were lucky enough to get both the future bride and groom to sit down and have a chat with us. It was interesting to hear both sides of the story in being proposed to, and having to propose! This bride was just engaged to in July. So needless to say, she is busier than ever.

Planning her proposal with boyfriend, now fiancé, Matthew, was such a joy. We could really sense the love he had for her and how special he wanted to make this. It is always interesting planning an event for a woman who has no idea it is happening and never being able to meet her face-to-face. We have to rely heavily on what their significant other tells us about them. And Matthew did an excellent job, because it was the most romantic proposal we have seen to date.

We would love to introduce to you, Kristen and Matthew! They did a Q&A with Visions on their proposal and future wedding plans!

Visions: Matthew proposed on your two-year anniversary, which is a very special date! Did you see it coming?

Kristen: No I had no idea! Matt is always so on point with making me feel special, so I just thought he was throwing me the most amazing anniversary surprise ever. Which it was.

Visions: Matt, were you nervous at all throughout the day?

Matthew: I surprisingly was not too nervous. Not to mention, considering the proposal was outside and the weather was amazing, the pressure was off. It was a beautiful night.

Visions: How did you hide the ring from Kristin?

Matthew: The ring was given to me in a big case. So big, that it stuck out like a sore thumb in my suit pocket. So I actually stuck the ring in my pocket with no case. I still don’t know how she didn’t feel it because her and I usually have our hands all over each other! But what’s funny is that half way through dinner, she got cold, and I gave her my suit jacket to wear – with the ring in it!

Visions: Did you see any signs from Matthew throughout the day that gave anything away?

Kristen: No I didn’t notice any signs of nervousness. Except I did suspect something was up at one fraction of a second during dinner. We had ordered the 14 course meal which takes up quite a bit of time. I guess Matt had realized we were running late, so he asked the waiter to speed things up because he was about to propose. Well that waiter must have leaked the news to another waiter because during the 5th course, the waiter who was pouring my wine asked me if I wanted another glass because she knew we were in a rush. Matt tried to do a quick recovery but I was like, “hmmmm….something is up!”

Visions: Matt had an acoustic guitarist playing your song as you walked past on Michigan Avenue. Is that when it all fell into place that he was about to propose?

Kristen: Surprisingly, no. I saw the guitarist and my first thought was, “Wow, he is dressed really nice to be a street musician.” And my second thought was, “Why isn’t his guitar case open for donations?”. I didn’t even notice he was playing our song, I was so confused at his appearance and what he was doing there! But when I realized he was playing our song, I asked Matt to dance with me. It was such a magical moment, and it was then when Matt started acting nervous. That’s when I knew this was more than a random street performer.

Visions: Girls are dreaming of their wedding day since they are little girls. Do you already have ideas? Colors, venues, your bouquet?

Kristen: Actually, I am the exact opposite! I just know I want to be with him for the rest of my life, and that is what is important to me more than anything.

Visions: Who was the very first person you told about the engagement?

Kristen: We had hopped in a cab and I said that when we get home, we should face-time our families and tell them the great news. We live on the 6th floor of a building downtown, but when we got in the elevator, Matt pressed 9, which is the rooftop. When the doors opened, 20 of our closest family and friends awaited our arrival and we had a huge celebration.

Visions: What are you most stressed about in regards to planning your wedding?

Kristen: Oh my gosh, everything! Mostly balancing what we want, with what is acceptable to both of our families. My family is in Ohio, and Matt’s is over in Iowa, not to mention grandparents and such, so we need to be able to appropriately accommodate everyone.

If you yourself are a busy bride in need of some assistance, call Visions today for a consultation to take some stress off your shoulders.

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