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Diary of the Busy Bride | Katie Bryant

Newly engaged and fresh into her wedding planning, this Busy Bride is in full swing!

We are so excited to feature another one of Chicago’s Busy Brides, Katie Bryant.  Many of you may remember her from our Hotel Sax Proposal that was featured on Style Me Pretty.  We had the privilege of assisting Katie’s fiancé, Bryan, with his proposal.

Bryan + Katie | The Proposal from Tom Buttaccio | XO Films on Vimeo.

We wanted to check in with Katie to see how wedding planning was going while balancing her career as a nurse at St. Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center as a labor and delivery nurse.  If you are a nurse or know a nurse’s schedule, it is pretty grueling with long shifts and a very high pace environment.  Of course with her busy schedule and being new engaged she has a lot on her plate but as we sat down she seems to have a wonderful perspective on having this be a stress-free planning year.

We couldn’t help but ask her take on the elaborate cover up that we created for her proposal to get her to the hotel, and take a look back after all the excitement to see what was going on in her mind of a girlfriend that was proposed to in one of the most romantic settings in all of Chicago.

We sat down with Katie to see where she is in the planning process and what is going on in her life as a Busy Bride.

Visions: Looking back at the big proposal, you thought Bryan was out of town. What was the first thing that went through your mind when you saw him?

Katie: This cannot be happening! I knew immediately when I saw him that he must be proposing. I just couldn’t believe that all the work and conversations to get me to Hotel Sax were for the proposal.

Visions: How did you feel after Bryan popped the question?

Katie: Of course I was overjoyed but I wanted answers! I knew something was up because of the videographer and photographer. Bryan is good but I didn’t think he was that good, he must have had help.

Visions: What part of the proposal stands out in your mind the most, besides the proposal itself?

Katie: The surprise! I never cared about having a big fancy proposal but I’ve always wanted to be caught off guard. I can say with 100% certainty that I NEVER saw this coming.

Visions: Who was the first person you told?

Katie: I am embarrassed to say that it was Facebook! Bryan told me that my family already knew what was coming so I immediately posted a picture of my ring. I also texted my sister and my closest friends who are now officially my bridesmaids.

Visions: Now that you are engaged, do you feel pressured to start planning right away?

Katie: When we first got engaged we were thinking late summer 2013, so I figured we had plenty of time. WRONG! I found my dream venue and half the dates I wanted were already booked. Needless to say, that did put some pressure on me to get the ball rolling.

Visions: What is the first thing you will start with when planning your wedding?

Katie: Photographer. A girl that I went to high school with started her own photography company and I have been drooling over her pictures and blog since before I even started dating Bryan. I knew I had to have her for my big day.

Visions: How much does Bryan want to be involved in the wedding planning process?

Katie: Bryan is pretty easy when it comes to planning. His only request was that the wedding day not interfere with Iowa or Giants (football) games. We set a date for late July, 2013 so he’s a happy guy. Isn’t he lucky to have such an accommodating fiancé?

Visions: For you, what is the most important part of your wedding day?

Katie: I have been thinking about this day for most of my life. I started a wedding folder back in college and I’ve pinned enough stuff to Pinterest to plan 3 weddings. I always thought the dress or the details would be most important to me but honestly, now that I have started planning, I just want our families and our closest friends to come and celebrate with us. I hope our wedding is a huge, beautiful party (emphasis on beautiful, I didn’t spend all that time pinning for nothing).

Visions: How much time have you devoted, so far, to wedding planning?

Katie: I have a pretty good idea of what I want for our wedding so I haven’t had to spend much time planning. The venue, photographer and hotels are booked. I am hoping to avoid turning into a bridezilla so I think being ahead of the game is key.

Visions: What stresses you the most about planning your wedding?

Katie: Budget. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

Hotel Sax Proposal - Proposal Planning by Visions Event Studio

What is a Busy Bride?

A Busy Bride is a woman with a demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s her career taking off, or her own personal business, a Busy Bride is constantly on the go. If you’re a bride that loves extravagant details or one that favors a more minimalist look, there is one thing every bride has in common; planning a wedding is a full time job.

With the average wedding taking over 200 hours to plan, Visions Event Studio knows and understands the strain this can have on any bride-to-be. As Premier Chicago wedding planners, we pride ourselves in servicing of all of the Busy Brides out there.

As a newly engaged bride, it can sometimes feel overwhelming with venue options, quotes, emails that fill your inbox. Visions Event Studio has many services that are geared towards the Busy Bride

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