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Diary of the Busy Bride- Gwen Brink


What exactly is a Busy Bride you ask?

A Busy Bride is a woman with a demanding lifestyle. Whether it’s her career taking off, or her own personal business, a Busy Bride is constantly on the go.

With the average wedding taking over 200 hours to plan, Visions Event Studio knows and understands the strain this can have on any bride-to-be, and as Premier Chicago wedding planners we pride ourselves in servicing of those Busy Brides.

I had the privilege of spending the day last weekend in Gwen’s gorgeous apartment overlooking Lake Michigan, talking about all the fun details that Gwen has been planning for her Cancun wedding in December. When we first met she knew exactly what she wanted; a destination wedding and she knew she needed some guidance to help her navigate the torrential waters of planning a wedding out of the country.

We were able to match Gwen with exactly her needs with our Virtual Wedding Planning Package to come alongside the planning process by having monthly calls and working through all the questions without having to plan it all for her.  It seemed to be the best fit as she already had her dream wedding planned out in her head.

With her last trip to Cancun coming up to finalize all the details we are so excited for this couple as we were able to be apart of their romantic proposal and plans for their gorgeous destination wedding.

Gwen & Ramon

Photo Credit: Emilia Jane Photography

Our sit down with Diary of the Busy Bride-Gwen

Visions:  So your boyfriend, Ramon, popped the question in the Crystal Gardens. What were your initial thoughts when he brought you to such a beautiful place?

Gwen:  As we were riding the elevator up, it looked like the lights weren’t on inside so I didn’t think it was open.  When we walked through the doors and I saw rose petals and white tea light candles arranged in a semi-circle with a guy playing the guitar in the beautiful setting of the gardens, I didn’t think there was anywhere more romantic I could have been.

Visions:  Can you use one word that would describe your proposal? Enchanting

Gwen:  Who was the first person you talked to about your engagement? My mom and dad simultaneously – they put us on speakerphone.

Visions:  What was the first discussion you and Ramon had about wedding planning?

Gwen:  I think I spewed out a bunch of wedding topics like budget, guest list, bridesmaid gifts to ask them to be bridesmaids, potential sites and site visits, etc that Ramon turned into a deer in headlights and asked if I could put things in excel for him so he could understand better 🙂  This led us to the bright idea of getting a wedding planner to help keep us on track and organize us so I don’t overwhelm him (and myself!) the whole time.

Visions:  What inspired you to have a destination wedding?

Gwen:  It was going to be a destination for someone!  Ramon and I live in Chicago but neither of our family members do.  Our friends are scattered across the U.S. and a number of Ramon’s family still live in the Dominican Republic, where Ramon is from.  Because everyone was going to have to travel and we don’t get to see our friends and family as often as we’d like being in Chicago, we knew we wanted to have an event that would be longer than just a rehearsal one night and the wedding the next day so we could spend more time with those that are close to us.  A destination wedding allows us to create a multi-day event where we can let loose, enjoy the company of all our guests, allow them to form new friendships, and cap it off with a big party of a wedding!

Visions:  Tell us about your decor elements. What do you think will be the most beautiful aspect of your wedding?

Gwen:  I think it will be a combination of things since we chose a resort in a Caribbean location that is stunning by itself but also has amazing ocean views.  The ceremony will take place with us standing on a 3rd floor sky gazebo with our guests facing us and an open view directly to the ocean behind us.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to hang a chandelier over the alter area to glitzy it up a little.  The cocktail hour will take place on a different terrace  with views of the light house, crashing waves on the jetty, and turquoise waters – the view speaks for itself.  For the ballroom reception, we’re wanting a romantic and glamorous feel with different shades of blush, champagne, gold, and ivory for flowers and decoration.
Is there one thing that must happen to make your wedding perfect?

That Ramon and I both show up and both say “I do” – outside of that, details can go wrong and fall apart but I’ll still have my man to laugh and cry about it with!

Visions:  What is your favorite part about planning your wedding?

Gwen: Talking to all of my family and close friends and hearing that they can’t wait to be there to celebrate the wedding with us. Since our family and friends are spread out across the U.S. and the Dominican Republic, it will be really special for us having them together in one location, getting to know each other as well as seeing people they haven’t seen in years, for a multi-day celebration!

Visions: What is your biggest wedding nightmare?

That all of the people we’re inviting and have categorized at “maybe attending” or “not likely to attend” will RSVP yes – bye bye budget!

Visions:  You’re a busy woman, do you have any words of advice for other busy brides out there?

Gwen:  If you’re type A like me and have a demanding job, wedding planning will definitely become your second job.  I’ve had frustrations and worrying but when you actually make progress and see it start coming together, it feels great and very exciting.  Do what you need to do to feel comfortable and then be patient…it will all come together in time!

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