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Awesome Date Ideas To You After “I-Do”

So you’ve officially tied the knot, but that doesn’t mean the swooning should end there. We have come up with a list of date ideas for you after ‘I-do’!

There are two types of married couples out there. There are ones that get married and let their busy lives get in the way of keeping the romance alive. And then there are ones who get married and keep that sparkler sparking the rest of their lives. It is important to put in the extra effort in making time for your spouse. That’s why throwing in dates here and there, just the two of you (no kids allowed), is something you want to add to your monthly, or even weekly, checklist for the rest of your lives.

I had a friend growing up who had parents that made it a priority to once a week, every week, do something together. Whether that meant an exquisite dinner at a nice restaurant or even running errands all day on Sunday together, they would go and spend time just the two of them. When I was younger, I didn’t understand it, but now that I am older and see them still happily married as ever, I see the significance of it. I have even made it a priority for myself that after the ring is on my left hand, I will be sure to do date night with hubby as often as I can.

Visions has come up with a list of date ideas for you and your spouse. Pick and pull from them as you choose, but be sure to plan a night on the town for you and your sweetheart to show them how much you care.

Date Night Ideas

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Date Ideas For You After ‘I-Do’:

• Rent a boat for the afternoon – It doesn’t have to be an expensive yacht, it can even be a little canoe on the nearest lake. Take in nature and the fresh air and relax together while you catch a few rays.

• Go to a concert or festival – The epitome of fun! Have some cheap junkie food and some over priced drinks as you listen to some good music or play some fun games.

• Broaden your dinner horizons – Going out to dinner is the most common form of a date. But why not spice it up with some different restaurants? Go somewhere you’ve never been and try something neither of you have ever tried. Like Dinner Lab perhaps? You’ll have to check out this amazing restaurant in our feature on them coming soon!

• Stargaze – Doesn’t cost a dime! Grab some big blankets, a few candles from around the house, and that bottle of wine from the back of the fridge and go lay outside together. Talk, watch the stars, and enjoy each other’s company.

• Mini Golf or Bowling – Kick it back to your high school days and go on a date that would’ve been a really nice and romantic one back when you were 16. People forget how fun these activities are (especially the galactic bowling nights!)

• Learn a new activity – Whether it is new for you or new for him, your significant other will enjoy teaching you something they love. Or if you want to really step out of the box, try something neither one of you have done! Ooh, how about skydiving? Check out Skydive Chicago for that. Or maybe even kayaking down the Chicago River? Kayak Chicago offers an amazing kayak experience!

• Drive-In movie theater – Normal theaters can get boring, and not to mention are overpriced. Do it like Danny and Sandy from Grease and spend a night in the drive-in.

• Take In the sunset – Again, it won’t cost you a dime! Simply go sit on your deck, or drive to the nearest field and sit together and watch the sky turn tie-dye.

• Wine tasting – This is a great activity for both guys and girls. A little sausage and cheese, a nice day out at a beautiful vineyard, and a few bottles of wine! It’s a great excuse to get dressed up and feel like you’ve transported to Napa Valley for the day.

• Take a hike – No literally! You not only get a great workout, but you get to see the most beautiful sights. Deer, humming birds, birch trees, squirrels, you name it. And the sounds of crackling streams and chirping birds make for the ultimate peaceful tune. Chicago’s Lakeshore Path or the Starved Rock Trail are great places to check out!

• Getaway at a local hotel – Who says you have to get on a plane to spend a romantic evening with your love? Bet you never thought of going to that nice, quaint hotel down the street! Even if its only 10 minutes away, it’s a night away from the kids and chaos, with a king bed, and of course, that hot tub and pool downstairs! My personal fave? The Palmer House. But hotels such as the Trump International or the Ritz Carlton are a great choice, too.

Putting in the time to think of ways to date your spouse is easier than it seems. This list only took us a little while, and look how many ideas we came up with! Clear your schedule this upcoming Saturday night and write, “date night” on your calendar. Trust me, when it’s all said and done, you’ll be thankful you did!

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