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Cool Tones Meet Marsala

You may have already heard the news, but Pantone has named Marsala the 2015 color of the year!

You know what that means? Marsala will be the go-to color for all things fashion, design and of course weddings! So if you’re going to be the fashion forward-chic bride, Marsala is the way you want to go! Here’s one of the many ways you can make this bold hue work for you.

There are many directions you can go when choosing to incorporate Marsala in your wedding color pallet. However in this case I say opposites attract! Just like many of the best power couples, Marsala and Aquamarine are on opposite sides of the color wheel and bring out the best in each other. Aqua’s soft and relaxing tone brings out the vibrant, romantic and bold vibe that Marsala encompasses. Put them together and you have one fierce color pallet!

Marsala Meets Cool Tones Inspiration Wedding

1. Jacob Galleries 2. Desiree Shuey Photography 3. Red Fly Studio 4. This Modern Romance 5. Adam Barnes Photography 6. Elisa Bricker Photography

 Keep these tips and ideas in mind for your Marsala wedding décor:

  • Make a Statement- Find a statement or inspiration piece which speaks to you and will speak to your guests as well. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, start planning your décor to compliment the piece. This is a fun way to add your our personal touch to your décor!
  • Less is More- For a bold color like Marsala, it doesn’t have to be everywhere. A little can go a long way when it comes to such a vibrant color! Using this strategy for your décor will make this color pop and stand out even more!
  • Natural Beauty- Marsala is a very earthy color, and that’s one of the many reasons we love it! This means you can add a lot of different flowers and foliage to your décor to compliment the natural earthliness of Marsala. Find the floral arrangements which work best for you and your theme and add them to your wedding! Since Marsala is an earthy color with brown undertones, the luxurious color of gold is a good way to bring out its natural richness while still adding some flair to your décor!

Not sure if Marsala is the direction you want to take for your wedding day? No problem! Check out a similar color palette on our Industrial Inspiration Board featuring Pantone’s Deep Aubergine! Visions can help with design consultations to bring your color pallets to life, so contact us today to start making your dreams reality!

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