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How to Choose Where to Propose

One of the most important parts of the proposal: location, location, location!

One major detail to have covered for popping the question is the location. We know choosing exactly where to propose is one of the toughest parts of planning, and that’s why we have the Top Three Tips to finding the perfect backdrop for your proposal!

How to Choose Where to Propose

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How to choose where to propose

  • Make a List- Take a walk down memory lane and think about all of the places you and your love have gone that have been sentimental, breathtaking, and of course memorable. Write down all of the locations which come to mind, and sort through which ones you think would work best for you and your future fiancé. Make sure you have about 3-5 picked, just to have other ideas to work with.
  • Do Your Research- Once you have your potential proposal locations picked, look into the specifics to know what you can or can’t do with that location. Go online, send some emails, and make some calls to find out how you can set your plan into motion. Once you’ve found a great spot that works for your proposal ideas, you know you’re one step closer to getting that ring on her finger!
  • Have a Back-up Plan- This is important, because we all know there are times where nothing seems to go as planned. When you’re doing your research for your proposal location, also look into what options you have if it doesn’t go according to plan. For instance, if it’s outdoors, what will you do if the weather gets a tad out of control? If you have an indoor location, there are still circumstances to plan for, such as the timing of events being thrown off. Just make sure your location can be as adaptable as you under certain conditions.

Figuring out where to propose is a big factor in popping the question itself. This is a detail which a lot of thought needs to go into, because it sets the tone for your entire proposal!

Visions will be with you every step of the way to find a remarkable place for you to pop the question. We have the resources to get you the best spot imaginable for you and your fiancé! Contact us to get a head start on your proposal plans!

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