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Chicago Lincoln Park Proposal

When Brett contacted Visions for our proposal service we knew right away that this proposal was going to be special.  They both loved this space just south of Lincoln Park Zoo and as they would often walk through this space, Michelle would say this look like something out of a movie.  Brett thought this would be the perfect spot to propose.

With all proposals, we try and tell our clients exactly that, think about moments or places that she has made a romantic comment, and feed into that.

It’s supposed to be a place that means something to the two of you, and tapping into those moments should help with finding the perfect place to propose in Chicago.

Although Brett already had a place and concept in mind, he was open to hearing other proposal concepts to compare to his ideas.  So we hit the ground running with brainstorming unique concepts to Brett and Michelle based on our brainstorming session.

The concepts we came up with were a “Notebook Proposal” which started walking along the lakefront and coming to a boat.  The boat would have a romantic sentiment they share with each other.    As they got closer to the boat they notice arrows (like in the movie) directing them to Berger Park Mansion where she would find a simple vignette of roses, candles and a journal that Brett had filled with their story.

While he loved this concept it wasn’t 100% what he was going for so we moved to the second concept of a Rose Ceremony (yes like the Bachelor) doesn’t every girl watch that show?  So we found an amazing venue to set the backdrop to have a formal proposal with a single rose handed to Michelle as he got down on one knee to propose.

Again he loved the ideas but kept going back to that special place in Lincoln Park.

We combined all three concepts to create a dream proposal in the park.

He loved the journal idea and bought an amazing leather-bound journal that represented her favorite movie and their “Notebook Moments”.

We hired MDM Entertainment to light up the pathway, so it truly looked like a scene out of a movie.  With it being the holidays,  we incorporated Christmas lights on the bench where he would propose, with a cozy throw to keep warm.  The last finishing touches from Vintage Chic Floral were lush red and purple floral arrangements on each side of the bench mixed with hundreds of candles to set the mood.

Brett didn’t want to create this stunning proposal without capturing it with photography.  We enlisted Evan Hunt Photo to capture the moment discreetly through the tree-lined path.

Although it was below zero with the windshield, Michelle says it was well worth it!  Look out for the Diary of the Busy Bride column from Michelle soon, checking in to get her perspective of the proposal and what was going through her mind as it was all unfolding.

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Did you know that Visions Proposal Service is not a standard list of proposal ideas, you won’t find the Top 10 Places to Propose in Chicago.

We customize each proposal to each couple, no two proposals are the same.  And every proposal represents our clients vision.

You will never find a cheesy, totally random idea in our proposals, we want your girlfriend to see the effort YOU put into your proposal with the assistance of a proposal planner.


About Jenée Strickland

Visions Event Studio specializes in luxury events, including proposals and couture weddings. Jenée Strickland, owner, and lead visionnaire, has been an integral part of hundreds of weddings and proposals. Her job is a privilege; her work is a passion.

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