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Bridesmaid Gift Guide: The Modern Bridesmaid

You love your bridesmaids, so give them a gift they will absolutely love and cherish!

Each one of your bridesmaids has their own personal and unique taste, so make sure you give them each a gift that can relate to their wonderful sense of style. Visions is here with a bridesmaid gift guide for your bridesmaid who has a modern and contemporary sense of fashion!

This gift guide is for the bridesmaid who loves to be one step ahead of all the rest with her fashion statements. Her personal style is unique but classy, and everyone is jealous she can pull it off! She’s daring and always wants to make a statement, so we’re here with some tips of what statement pieces you can get her for her bridesmaid gift!

Modern Gift Guide


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The Modern Bridesmaid

  • Statement pieces are the way to go. This bridesmaid will love something that she can wear and turn heads, so give her something that will make her the center of attention anywhere she does! An amazing, premium leather watch will be perfect to add the right amount of flare to her wardrobe!
  • Something she won’t leave the house without. The perfect purse or clutch is the best companion for this modern-loving gal! Turn it up a notch by getting her a bag with a bold print or even a metallic tone that will make everyone envious! This is a gift she can use anytime, and it’s very practical yet fashionable!
  • Subtlety can be key. Just because your modern bridesmaid may love to make statements with her fashion, doesn’t mean she won’t love something subtle yet totally unique! We love the idea of personalizing a simple necklace with Roman numerals! This makes the gift personal, keeps it simple, but still gives the accessory the right amount of edge for her modern taste!

Your bridal party is full of amazing and unique styles, so don’t worry, Visions is back in action tomorrow with a bridesmaid gift guide for a boho bridesmaid! Take a look at our blog tomorrow to get all the details!

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