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Bridesmaid Gift Guide: The Boho Bridesmaid

All of your bridesmaids deserve something special from you for being a huge part of your big day!

Visions knows there are all kinds of personal styles found in your bridal party, so we are here with another addition of our bridesmaid gift guides to make sure you know what to get all of your best girls! Today we’re looking at what to get your bridesmaid with a boho sense of style!

This is for the bridesmaid who loves free-flowing and more organic-based products. She loves accessories that have a bohemian-vibe to them, and she will rock a great headband any day of the week! Her fashion choices aren’t as bold as a trendy or modern bridesmaid, but they have a more organic and natural taste.

Boho Gift Guide

1. Sailor Studio 2. PIYOYO 3. Nutak 4. Luv HandmadeXOXO

The Boho Bridesmaid

  • Think Organic. Getting this bridesmaid an accessory made with an organic material may be just the thing! They would love a necklace made with beautiful wood or a bracelet made from natural silk or leather to give the “all natural” feel to their style!
  • Let it Flow. This bridesmaid will absolutely adore a gorgeous robe or kimono to wear the morning of the wedding, and to wear any other day after that! She would love a piece to wear that will be a great addition to an outfit or something she can wear around her house to be comfortable!
  • Use Statement Necklaces! A Boho girl will love accessories that are subtle, yet make a great statement! For example, she would love a necklace with a feather charm, or even an exotic animal like an elephant or tiger!

Getting your best girls the best gift can be hard, but Visions is here to make it simple! Check in on our blog for our next installment in our Bridesmaid Gift Guides: the Vintage Bridesmaid!

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