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Bridal Shower 101: How To Throw a Killer Party

It’s bridal shower time, all the tips for designing her perfect day!

This beautiful celebration is meant to be dedicated solely to the bride. She deserves to be showered with love and she shouldn’t have to lift a finger (contrary to all the wedding planning she’s been doing)!

Most often the maid of honor or bridesmaids are responsible for the shower festivities. It may be the best idea for all of the bridesmaids to split the costs of the shower and lighten the load of the maid of honor’s duties. However, it is also common that family members would deem themselves responsible for organizing the event.

Bridal Shower Ideas

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  Three Logistics to Ease Planning

1. When choosing a date for the bridal shower make sure to consult the bride first and foremost. The bridal shower should not conflict or interrupt any of the last minute wedding planning, so four to two months before the wedding date is the best option.
2. The bride needs to provide you with her guest list and invitations should be promptly sent out at least a month before the day.
3. Choose a lovely location that is of importance to the bride. A home or her favorite restaurant are usually are the best options.

Three Decor Tips
1. Steer clear of any patterns, color schemes, or ideas that the bride has planned for her own wedding. Keep in mind today should be completely different and unique compared to the surprises she has in store for her own day! On the other hand it is great to have an overall design concept for the bridal shower, such as a color scheme, etc. Note: Themes are best kept for little kids birthday parties!
2. Infuse the design concept into all details, get creative with your drinks, desserts, table settings, and decorations.
3. Place cards aren’t just for weddings, add dainty place cards to the tables so guests can find their seat and have a favor to take home to commemorate the special day.

After enjoying games, laughs, sappy stories, and desserts the endless hours of planning and preparation will all be worth it. The bride chose YOU to be a part of the most important day of her life so show her how grateful you are by hosting the shower she will remember forever!

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