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Proposal Brainstorming Session


Please select a time that is convenient for you from the calendar above. If you can’t find a time for the proposal brainstorming session that works, please get in touch! I can see if I can rearrange my schedule.

Our Time Together


Finally, it’s time to start planning and our first step in that process is the most important…the brainstorming session.

I love to tell my clients to come ready to share. Think of this as a place to really open up and dig deep.

I have included a few things that will help us to use our time most effectively:


We will be going over the main points of your relationship as in where did you meet, etc. but I would like you to think outside the box. I don’t know what I don’t’ know, while we have a list of questions that we will go through during the proposal brainstorming session, I would like you to think of things you can share ahead of time.  These things should be we things, about the two of you and your story.


What is it that makes her tick, her personality, her career, her passions in life.  Why do you love her so, what is it about her that you love!


It doesn’t have to be something that relates to a special date or anniversary. Sometimes the events in our lives that grow us closer together aren’t necessarily awesome events. Think of the times that you have walked through life with her and it was one of the moments you knew she was the one! 

Although, it’s not required if you want to start jotting down notes to bring to the proposal brainstorming session that would be super helpful. 

Please allow one hour for our time together. If you feel you will need more time, please let me know beforehand.

Looking forward to getting started!

proposal brainstorming session

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