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Black, White and Gold Table Decor

There is something timeless about a black, white and gold color palette, but how can you give it a modern twist?

We are all drawn to a specific color palette whether it is in our homes, in our closets, or in the world around us. But one that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is black, white and gold! It is a color scheme that goes as far back as the little black dress and it really transcends your wedding décor.

Black White and Gold Wedding

I was browsing the web yesterday and came across an image from one of my beloved stationary companies that had in their caption, “Little Black Desk”. It was my dream desk and like I said, we can’t get enough of this color palette that feels trendy, but still remains timeless.

So how can you incorporate this timeless color scheme into your modern wedding décor?

1.Chairs, Chairs, and one more time…CHAIRS

One of the most overlooked aspects of your wedding table décor is the chairs that you see as you approach the table. Think as your guests think, they arrive and the first thing they notice, is the room as a whole. A majority of that view is going to be your chairs! One wedding we planned was a white and metallic wedding, but guess what? They had BLUE chairs!!! If they had not chosen to upgrade their chairs, and I’m not talking chair covers here people, they would have had a white, metallic and blue wedding. They needed a true investment in their wedding décor to get the vision they were looking for. So upgrade the chair! This is the perfect place to add a modernized feel to your table like we chose at the Glen Ellyn Wedding Walk. We are in love with the Mirage Ghost Chairs by Halls Rental. It was the perfect touch to this table décor and all the brides swooned over them.

2.Be different! Spice up your table centerpiece

The last thing you would expect to see at a wedding is something you would find on the shelves at Pottery Barn. I mean come on, ditch everything you’ve ever been told about sticking to a traditional centerpiece? Absolutely! It’s no secret that a lot of weddings end up looking the same (and truth be told can get boring). So find a centerpiece that you would love to display in your own home and make your wedding stand out! Countless detail goes into styling your wedding. We spend months, maybe even years, furiously searching wedding magazines, Pinterest boards, and blogs to find just the perfect inspiration. While hunting for décor, instead of sticking to your favorite wedding magazine, go to your favorite home store and find something that catches your eye! The modern gold serving tray filled with a variety of vases and flowers was our way of bringing that personal touch to the table. Your wedding is supposed to represent you and your taste, so why not make your tables an extension of your very own personal style? Your guests won’t see it coming!

3. Darling floral accents
Us girls adore flowers, and you have to admit you all have a favorite. Whether it’s a single daisy in a vase, or a large bouquet bursting with color and overwhelming fragrance—flowers are a must at your wedding. The jaw dropping white flowers on our table by Jan Sanchez Vintage Floral Design gave our table the soft and elegant look we needed. But don’t worry, we kept our modern theme in mind by pairing it with some flashy gold vases! Regardless of your financial situation or your knowledge of floral design, flowers are more achievable than you think. Monochromatic is key here in creating a modern wedding table. Our tip is to buy untold amounts of one type and one color flower. You can find flowers anywhere on the scale from “dumping your whole wallet out” to just a few dollars. It just depends on how much you are wanting to spend. But trust me when I say, there are flowers for every type of woman! Add some peonies for the ultimate gorgeous and lush flower, or add some tulips for a very modern and cost efficient style. Whichever route you choose, flowers will add a charming and elegant touch to your modern black, white and gold table.

Gold is one of this season’s hottest trends. So whether you want to mix it with a bold black and white or add it to a subtle pink, gold is the way to go this summer! If you are more of a classic bride, you might want to do a softer color scheme. Visions did a Chanel inspired photo shoot with the same color palette that might be more your style! If you are ready to create your own modern black, white and gold table scheme, contact Visions Event Studio for all of our tips and tricks!

black white and gold wedding walk

black white and gold wedding walk

black white and gold wedding walk

black white and gold wedding walk


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