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What Are Your Duties As A Best Man?

So you’ve been asked to be the best man! But what duties does that entail exactly?

You two have grown up together and he has been there for you through thick and thin. Through your high school break ups, your embarrassing college spring break, and your grown up jobs. But, now it’s your turn to be there for him.

Best Man Duties

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You’re his Best Man! To get the best grasp on what this means we reached out to Chris Easter, founder of The Man Registry, to get his take on this big role.

Having the title of best man bestowed upon you is a huge honor. It says that the groom trusts you to perform important duties as well as be the man standing next to him during the most important moments of his life. You are also the leader of the groomsmen. This puts you in charge of making sure everyone shows up on time, stays sober(ish) and supports the groom as he says goodbye to single life.

We couldn’t agree more with them! But although it comes with a lot of honors and perks, the list of Best Man duties might be a little more extensive than you thought.

Don’t freak out just yet. It truly is one of the most honorable roles you can play in the wedding. One that not everyone get’s to experience in their lifetime. But that being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few key things you need to add to you “to-do” list for the wedding. That’s why I’m here. I’ve come up with a simple guide with all your best man duties that you can just print out and check off as you go. Simple as that!

Best Man ‘To-Do’ List


Stay on their butt’s! We know that there’s no way they are going to be as organized as you, so you have to be on them like white on rice. Make sure they are up to date and informed about any wedding news. Dates, times, fittings, and of course, the bachelor party. Which brings me to my next point…


You guys have talked about this day for as long as you can remember. Now I’m not going to get into details here. Just make sure whatever you do, make it awesome. Oh! And don’t forget transportation!


While he’s picking out his ring, choosing a tux, and needing advice. But especially on his wedding day. He is going to be stressed as all heck! That’s why you’re there. Ease his nerves and take care of any mishaps that might occur. You need to be his go-to man on this day.


 Hands down the most important part of the wedding. When the groom is up at the alter saying his “I-do’s”, and he turns to you to hand him the bride’s ring, you better make sure you have it! Things could get pretty awkward if you don’t. Keep it in your sight at all times, or in a very special place. Set a reminder on your phone; staple it to your forehead, whatever it takes! Just make sure that ring is in your suit pocket before you are standing up there next to him.


You and the Maid of Honor need to be there to sign the marriage license as a witness. Make sure you are there for this because the lovely couple can’t do it without you.


You were a huge part in planning this wedding and have a good idea of the inside scoop. So help the other guests find their way around. Know the best place to park, where the bathrooms are, when food will be served and where the bar is. I can almost promise you will be asked each of those questions at least once!


It’s been a tradition throughout weddings past for both the Best Man and the Maid of Honor to give a toast at the reception. Put some real thought into this. Like I said before, this is your best friend, the guy who has been there for you through it all. Crack a few jokes (keep it clean here gents), make the crowd laugh, and be sure to let the groom know how important he is to you and how happy you are for him and his new bride. Side note: Keep it under 5 minutes. We know you have a lot to say! After all, you know this guy inside and out. But we’ve got a lot of other people and their speeches to get through and everyone wants to hit the dance floor ASAP!


Now, this may not technically be a do-or-die, but in my opinion, it should be. The bride and her maids are over there having the photo shoot of a lifetime (girls, we cant even deny it). And us girls will have these photos to look back on for the rest of our lives. Way too often it is forgotten to take a photo just the Groom and his Best Man. I recommend making time for it, because although it may seem like a drag at the time, you’ll thank me later.


Most importantly, be there for it all. This is such a special time for the groom and he chose YOU to stand by him through it. Show up on time to every single event he has planned and it will mean the world to him.

There you have it! Everything a great Best Man needs to know in one, simple checklist. I just know you’re going to blow the groom away with all these tips and tricks, but if you need a little help with anything, give us a call! Visions can help you put on a pretty great bachelor party if we do say so ourselves.

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