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How To Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party means planning the most epic girls night of all time. But don’t panic, you can do this! Especially with Visions go-to guide on how to plan a bachelorette party for the books.

It goes without saying that the most exciting event after the engagement (other than the wedding, of course!) is the Bachelorette Party. I mean who wouldn’t just adore a night out on the town with all of your besties, champagne, and lots of laughs? We know that with just the right planning, these party stories will be told to your kids, kids. And to make sure the bride-to-beisn’t let down, a lot of pressure gets put on your shoulders to make this a night to remember for not just the bride, but for all of you!

bachelorette 101

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I have to say, as a wedding and proposal planning company we have seen our fair share of bachelorette parties. So naturally, we have come to know all the ins and outs of what makes them so fabulous! That’s why we felt like we needed to share a few of our tips with you. As her chosen bridal party, you can print out this checklist to make sure this soiree comes together seamlessly.

On that note, here is how to plan a bachelorette party in 11 easy steps…

1. Fix A Date & Budget – Deciding on a date that works for all the bridesmaids as well as the bride is a challenge in itself. Ideally it should be one to two weeks before the wedding because it is supposed to be one of her last nights as the unmarried girl that she is! Once that date it is set, it is important to determine a budget for yourselves. Otherwise we know that you could splurge on endless amounts of goodies for this event.

2. CreateA Guest List – Of course the bridesmaids will be in full attendance, but who’s to say some other family or close friends wont want to attend? Moms, aunts, and sisters live for this stuff! It is up to you how big of an event you want this to be, but decide on a guest list that everyone is okay with.

3. Brainstorming Session on Themes – The most exciting part of the party is the theme! But that being said, it can also make or break the party. We recommend basing the theme off of something the bride loves, not just something that you personally think would be amazing. Whether that be Paris, wine tasting, or a weekend away in one of those what happens in… places, make it all about the bride.

4. Decide On A Location – Once your theme is all set, the location is next. You have to base your location on the theme. For example, she loves Paris? Maybe having the party in a beautiful garden. She loves the lake? Maybe a weekend away in a small cabin (with jet ski rentals if it was up to me!). Wherever you choose,BOOK IT ASAP. Book it several months in advance just to be on the safe side.

5. Send Invites – Cute invites that go along with the theme are a must. Make sure you include all the important info so the girls know where to be and when!

6. Go Shopping! Woo Hoo! – Any reason to go shopping is a good reason, lets not kid ourselves. But shopping for the bride-to-be is more of a valid reason than us girls usually have. Boa’s, a sparkly tiara, and a funny sash aren’t just things we want to buy, they are necessities! And don’t forget décor! Every good party needs some great decorations to make your theme come to life.

7. Book Accommodations & Food – If you want to have any additional entertainment come in for the party, make sure you do your research and book them ahead of time. And after the endless glasses of Pinot you’re going to get a little hungry. Have dinner set up or appetizers to munch on throughout the evening.

8. Schedule Transportation – Make sure you have a way there and home if this is going to be a party with any sort of alcohol. Actually, now that I think about it,you should book transportation either way because I can’t think of a bride that wouldn’t love feeling pampered on a limo or a party bus.

9. Party Games – You know the drill…truth or dare, “most likely to…”, charades, some that celebrates her soon to be marriage and some that celebrate her last single night on the town. Set up the games and get all the necessities for them for some good giggles.

10. Send Reminders – You’ve been planning this for months now, invites have been sent and probably lost in the piles. Call your guests and remind them the week before that it’s party time!

11. Party On! – The day is finally here!You have busted your butt, so kick back and have a good time with the future bride and cherish every memory made.

If you need helping putting this all into action, Visions is here to help! All events wedding are our specialty and we are eager to assist you in getting started with yours. Otherwise, print out this checklist for planning the perfect bachelorette party. Party on girlfriends!

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