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Anthropology Wedding Style Marries 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Anthropology Style Brides Meet Pantone: When Opposites Attract

“A marriage of color,” said by color experts has helped us create a shocking yet exciting color duo for our Anthropology Wedding Style brides. 

Anthropology Wedding Style Marries 2021 Pantone
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The statement itself has marriage as its focal point. What a coincidence right?! Like our many couples that walk through our doors, we get to learn the ins and outs of what makes them an incredible pair. Much of what goes into choosing these unique and unexpected colors. When they say, “opposites attract,” I guess they weren’t kidding.

With the help of our friends at Pantone, the Vendors We Love, and our endless creativity, we have put together an exceptional piece to help you envision what might be your go-to wedding style. 

Now let’s dive into what we like to call Anthropology Wedding Style Marries 2021 Pantone Color of the Year, a wanderlust garden experience for our artistic brides. 

Who is She? How we define our Anthropology Brides

In simpler terms, she is an artiste.

Expression, innovation, and adventure give just a taste into the mind of someone who loves to paint a picture and bring it to life. This is how our Anthropology bride speaks to us. 

She is like a rare piece of artwork, an heirloom, a treasure to the world. Taking her creativity to the next level, allowing her to show you rather than tell you. Our Anthropology bride wants you to see her perspective and all the unique elements that go into creating her vision. 

Anthropology is just that. Creating an illusion of the mind that is equally as feminine, artistic, and linear as she is. 

She is not afraid of a challenge either. Stepping out of her comfort zone is only part of her expertise. Using her creative talents, she is able to illuminate the ultimate Anthropology Wedding Style experience. 

2021 Pantone Colors of the Year: An Unlikely Color Duo to a Match Made in Heaven

It’s all about the colors and this year’s Pantone Colors of the Year are an interesting and unique pair. Yellow and Gray…who would have thought?

I know you’re probably thinking, “Yellow and Grey? For a wedding? As if!” What if I told you that by incorporating another Pantone color, you’d think differently?

Illuminating Yellow, Ultimate Grey, and Apricot Ice are a match made in heaven. Like how a bride and groom have come together, so have these colors.

Apricot Ice IS that “It” factor for us. It adds a smoothness and tastefulness element to the powerhouse combo of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. Adding a third color, like Apricot Ice completely transforms both yellow and grey making them more elegant and endearing. 

By incorporating that third complementary color into your palette it cranks up that WOW factor of your desired wedding style. Don’t think of them as the color basics, that can be boring…

Think of them this way: 

Illuminating Yellow radiates positivity, just like the bride. She is hopeful, inspiring, friendly, and thoughtful. All the reasons why Mr.Right is gushing over his soon-to-be bride. 

Ultimate Grey is bold, like the groom. He is assuring, dependable, supportive, the foundation of the relationship. He is what provides all of what she needs to firmly build a lasting life with her hubby to be. 

Apricot Ice, on the other hand, is organic. The natural aspects of what holds them together. What goes into a lasting relationship? Trust, honesty, communication, endless love. It’s pure and delicate. A love that feels natural between you and your groom. 

I want to let you know that each color chosen has a meaningful purpose behind its selection. Pantone’s curated color system allowed us to choose the colors that we think best suits our Anthropology bride, the man of her dreams, and what brings those two together as a couple. 

Choosing a complementary color palette, like how our Anthropology Wedding Style has portrayed, allows you to dive a little bit deeper into creating an event catered to you. 

Creating your Anthropology Wedding Style without the Bells and Whistles

As I mentioned previously, Anthropology is a reflection of the feminine, artistic, and sometimes adventurous style of our brides.

Finding what speaks to your mind and soul. What YOU feel represents your charisma and passion. 

Image walking into an antique or thrift store. Full of all sorts of character, rare treasures, and hidden gems. This is where you could find our Anthropology bride in absolute heaven; Looking and sifting through all these wonderful and captivating items that truly speak to her artistic soul.

“Ugh!There are so many things to do! Finding the dress, meeting with caterers, scheduling makeup consultations, where do I find the time?”

Get this!

What if I told you there are people who have just enough, if not more of a passion for finding those hidden gems and rare treasures, that they built a business for like-minded people who may not have the time, like our busy brides of Chicago?

It’s true! In the world of weddings, there are vendors and businesses that have the expertise and a keen eye for detail in finding these unique wedding pieces. Wedding vendors, like The Festive Frog, are a bride’s best friend when it comes to creating that Anthropology Wedding Style with one-of-a-kind statement pieces. 

An Anthropology Bride’s 3 best friends—The Location, The Flowers, and The Dress

Location Vacation

For this Anthropology Wedding Style, a garden is your go-to. Like a way for your guests to escape modern wedding traditions and really experience your fairytale. 

Its whimsical, light & airy, the atmosphere gives you the space to gather all your elements together to display your artistic style. These colors are very springy and energetic and you want to allow them to vibrate off the outside environment. Environments with natural lighting will help enhance and highlight these colors while the greenery of the grass and trees balance and neutralize them. 

You want your guests to feel like they entered into your lifestyle. A vacation into your artistic mind.

Love is Blooming

“Flowers are loves truest language.” Bouquets on Valentine’s Day, a single-stemmed rose or even the smallest garden flowers picked up on a walk. 

The fresher the better AND the more beautiful. With having a garden wedding, it would be incredibly hard not to incorporate all sorts of flowers. Start with your personal bouquet, the one that will accompany you on your way down the aisle. 

We’ve come up with a short list of popular early spring flowers to get you started:

· Perennial Geranium

· Ausmas

· Flowering Hellebores

· Upright Blooms

· Primrose

· Forsythia

· Peonies

· Tulips

The beautiful combination of Illuminating Yellow and Apricot Ice colors creates a vibrant and charming bundle of flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces. The greenery at your location can also tie in the freshness and brightness of the flowers adding once again, that whimsical and fairytale feel. 

She said “Yes” to the Dress!

The moment you fell in love, that perfect, magical, and tear-jerking moment…You have found, the one!

This dress is equally vintage, yet modern with a boho-chic twist. The perfect mix to showcase who you are as an Anthropology Bride.

Your guest’s facial expressions may say it all now, but wait until they fall in love with your dress AND the Anthropology Garden Wedding you have created.

Maybe they too will want to marry the idea! 

An Anthropology Bride Never Forgets the Details

Details, details, and more details, is what our Anthropology brides LOVE to see. 

These elements help to illuminate the Anthropology Wedding Style and emphasize those MUST have staple pieces. 

The Tablescape: the more unique, the better! The 2021 Pantone colors can easily be incorporated into your glassware and plates adding contrast and making each one is different in its own way. For an additional texture look, try adding in natural elements like fruits, and of course, fresh flowers give it that garden-like and aromatic feel. 

The Lounge: a popular setting for guests to enjoy cocktails, take pictures, or even rest their dancing feet. The subtleness of the greenery aids as an undertone for your Illuminating Yellow, Ultimate Grey, and Apricot Ice colors.

The Cake: quite literally the icing on top! If you didn’t know, the cake is a centerpiece of art at a wedding. The fondant and icing have been colored, sculpted, and fitted to a delicious cake beneath, that your guests can’t wait to indulge in. 

Am I an Anthropology Bride?

Still not sure if gardens are your go-to or if illuminating yellow is your color of choice? 

That’s okay! Finding your specific bride style can be stressful but we’ve got your back. 

Our unique team of wedding planning guru’s created a Bridal Style Quiz that caters to you and your wedding wishes. Whether you’re an Anthropology Garden goddess or a classical Black Tie kind of bride, we’re here to help. If you’ve dreamed it, we’ll create it.

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