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Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Here at Visions, we have the opportunity to meet and get to know so many amazing photographers. We adore their images, and we want to take the person behind the lens and put them in the spotlight!

We are more than excited to feature the amazing and talented Amanda Dumouchelle of Amanda Dumouchelle Photography! She found her passion for being behind a camera when she was nine years old. This Detroit native made her start in the photography business in Japan, and then decided to go back to where it all started to shoot for weddings and engagements. Because of her creative mindset and stunning photos, she has been featured on some of the top wedding blogs, and she has no intention of slowing down!

Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

We were able to get to know Amanda, and we have the inside scoop on some of her favorite wedding moments, her inspiration, who her favorite celebrity couple would be to photograph, and so much more!

Get to know Amanda!

If you had to wear one style of shoes for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Flip Flops!

Your dream vacation is to go to_______, where you would _______.

My dream vacation doesn’t really fit on these 2 lines. I really do want to see the world. Whales and Wildlife in Alaska, Hiking in Norway, Glacier Kayaking in Greenland, Castles in Scotland, Discover England’s Heritage and Picturesque villages, Cycling and Eating as much pasta as I can in Italy, African Safari, Walk with Penquins in Antarctica,  Scuba diving in Australia!

If you could shoot any celebrities wedding, who would it be?

I would love to Shoot Baby and Johnny’s wedding (Dirty Dancing Characters)!

Tell me about one of your favorite wedding day memories.

My favorite wedding day memories… hmm that’s tough I have loved so many of my clients and all of those romantic moments in weddings! If I had to pick just one.. I am going to choose Ally and Suyi! Super last minute wedding. I believe it was somewhere between 2-4 weeks before the wedding when they contacted me. Not only did they want me to shoot the wedding but also an engagement session! During the engagement session I found out that they had not yet kissed! They were waiting until the wedding day to have their very first kiss! However even without kissing they were the most intimate and romantic, fun, caring and loving couples I have ever shot! We had an insanely great time! The wedding was intimate. Only their closest friends, in the back yard of the home they were living in! The ceremony was outside, no tent, so of course it had to sprinkle that day! But with umbrellas they made it happen! I was so excited to capture their actual first kiss! Anyways, the wedding had turned out to be one of my favorites to date!

How would you describe your style of photography?

My style is photo journalistic with an art director style to shooting the “posed” images. I really try to capture each and every moment of the day. As I really want couples to look back on their wedding photos and have the chance to relive the day through their images!

Who did you trust to photograph your own wedding?

Actually that was a time when I wasn’t doing photography. And like so many I had some regrets about my choice. However my husband and I will be married 10 years next year and are planning to do a vow renewal. We are already in contact with Ben Sasso and Katch Silva who will be photographing this for us! We are very excited! And believe they will do an amazing job!

I’m sure you love photographing all life’s big moments, but what is your favorite shots to capture?

I love to capture something that the couple didn’t see happen. Maybe it’s the way that one looked at the other during a moment, or a mom or dad watching in the background, a grandma laughing or dancing at the reception, etc.  I don’t know if it always happens. But it is something I look for during the day!

How do you get new inspiration?

Through travel, watching romantic movies, sitting at busy streets watching couples and families, and of course stalking my favorite artists online!

What is one piece of wisdom that every couple should do to make their wedding pictures amazing?

They should try to forget the drama that came with the planning of the wedding. Let everything go the morning of the wedding and truly take in the whole day. They should also spend more time with each other. Do a first look so you can spend the whole day together, try to stay together at the reception as much as possible. Experience the day together! Make your wedding the best date you have ever been on!

Who is your favorite type of couple to photograph for?

The ones who are truly in love, who laugh together, who don’t take themselves to serious. As well as those who WANT to be photographed and understand the value of photography!


Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Amanda Dumouchelle Photography


We are so happy we were able to get to know someone as creative and talented as Amanda, and we absolutely love her photos! She has a gift that we wanted to share with our beautiful brides, so scroll through her images to see her talent for yourself!

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