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Advice to You after ‘I Do’

The honeymoon is over, the thank-yous have been written, and the photos have come in. Your big day is over, but your marriage is just beginning!

Many women dream of their perfect day. Even before they meet Mr. Right, women daydream of the moment they’ll walk down the aisle to marry their one true love. Despite the endless day dreams of the wedding, many don’t picture the part after the wedding — the marriage.

In so many ways, marriage is more beautiful than the wedding. It’s what happens after you change out of that gorgeous gown and into your favorite pair of sweatpants. It’s talking until 2am one night and falling asleep at 9pm the next. It’s an indescribable mixture of comfort and excitement. It’s living a life intertwined with another’s. It’s having a best friend and a life partner in one.

life after i do

Marriage is wonderful, but it can also be scary. It’s a brand new experience, and each relationship is so different that there’s no one way to guarantee a successful marriage. Some experts say that happy couples have at least five positive interactions for every negative one. As wedding planners, we’ve seen our couples blossom from fiancees to spouses with love and grace. Here are a few pieces of advice to you for after you say ‘I Do’.

Communication is Key –

We realize that we may sound like a broken record, but this tip is worth repeating. Talk with your partner about anything and everything. This ranges from big items to the little things. If you want something, be direct. Mentioning once that you like pink peonies and then getting mad when your hubby doesn’t bring them home isn’t the way to go about a relationship. If a fight does break out — and they will — don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Talk things out calmly and resolve the matter in a way that suites both of you.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted –

Even if you’ve been married for 10 years, don’t take your husband or wife for granted. Kiss when you get home from work, hold hands in the grocery store, cuddle as you watch your favorite movie. Little surprises are the best way to rekindle your love and reignite the spark. Scheduling date nights away from work, kids, family, etc. is a great way to show your love for one another and let the other know how much you care for them. Most importantly, say thank you! Those two little words mean so much in a relationship.

Remember Why You Fell in Love –

Remember how nervous you were on your first date? Remember how you felt on your first night living together? Your first night as an engaged couple? As a married couple? We’re not saying that sparks need to be flying every second you’re together. Truth is, the flame will die down, but if you’re lucky and you work hard, the flame will be eternal. Make a conscious effort to look at your beloved as if it was the day you met. Take our other two pieces of advice and work them into this one. Love with all your heart, even on your bad days. It’ll make the good days that much better.

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