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A Romantic New Years Eve Proposal

A new year, a new commitment with a New Year’s Eve proposal!

It’s about that time for some resolutions as New Years Eve is quickly approaching. And with new resolutions comes new commitments, like finally asking for your gorgeous girlfriends hand in marriage. There truly is no better time for such a special moment. You are dressed to the nines having the time of your lives, with champagne in one hand and her hand in your other. Proposing on New Years Eve might just be the most romantic proposal to date.

New years eve proposal

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Oh and here’s a quick secret, shhh!: Us girls, on the day of our proposals, hope to be all dolled up to perfection. So really, there couldn’t be a better time than New Years Eve! We have on our best looks, our hair done, makeup is flawless and our nails are freshly painted for the pictures to come. And if you want to really impress her? Rent her an oh so glamorous dress for her to look her best in on this special night from Rent the Runway Chicago. Not only will she feel like a princess, but she’ll look like one, too!

So imagine this…

It’s the last day of the year and an opportunity to start fresh. The Chicago snow is lightly falling, the fire is burning, and the woman you love is putting on her party dress for a fabulous night out. The two of you have spent a wonderful year together and you are ready for many more to come. A proposal is just the thing to celebrate the love you have for each other and start the New Year on a great foot.

So that night, you might treat her to a limo to take you to your party. Perhaps the Palm Court black tie event at The Drake? Or even consider celebrating New Years Eve at the Trump Hotel with their Glamour Under the Stars Event! It will be the perfect start to the special night, but in her head she will just think you are doing something sweet for her. She definitely won’t expect a ring!

You arrive in style to a stylish event where you will toast drinks with friends, blow confetti around, and dance until you can’t dance anymore. The evening is full of laughs and happiness! But just as that clock is about to strike midnight, you pull your gorgeous gal aside to a pretty little spot where she can hear you loud and clear.

“What’s going on?”, she might ask. Que your speech! You need to time this perfectly. You will give your speech and let her know how much you adore her, and right as you hear that ten second countdown, you say, “Will you marry me?”

The crowd is cheering, fireworks are going off, and she said YES!

The two of you can now start off this New Year better than any other year in the past. Wedding bells are in the near distance and the love you two share is stronger than ever. Any girl would feel like the luckiest girl in the world with this romantic evening, trust me!

Picture perfect, right? Just remember, to pull of the perfect New Years Eve Proposal:

  • Get two tickets to a glamorous party downtown Chicago
  • Rent her an amazing dress
  • Book a limo 
  • Have an absolute blast and enjoy every moment with her
  • Pull her aside just in time for your thoughtful speech
  • Pop the question right at midnight
  • Celebrate the New Year and your new engagement, of course!

It’s a proposal out of a fairytale, and Visions Event Studio would love to help you pull it off this New Years Eve. Call us today for our proposal planning services and let us make this moment magical for both of you.

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