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5 Tips To Achieving The Perfect Rustic Wedding

We all love rustic weddings, even if it’s not necessarily our go to style in our home décor or everyday fashion.

In the last few years, Rustic Weddings have brought so much romance to weddings. Rustic Weddings combine different styles such as vintage, glam, shabby chic, retro, and bohemian to form a stylish wedding.

We have thrown out tradition. We have embraced the art of repurposing by using battered up windows as escort signs. We have done away with perfection, and the notion that everything has to be matchy-matchy. We have fallen in love with the undone imperfections of rustic everything.

Guests are sure to swoon over the elegant, natural beauty found in a rustic wedding.

Rustic Wedding Inspiration Board

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Love Rustic Weddings? We have 5 Tips To Achieving The Perfect Rustic Wedding:

  1. Keep it natural – when choosing a color palette, go with natural, earthy tones; you can always add in a pop of color to your palette to make it your own. We like these examples of a base earthy palette with a splash of turquoise, coral, or plum.
  2. Keep it simple- when it comes to rustic weddings, less is more. By downplaying on certain elements like using string lights or candles vs a chandelier, the focus is less about where you are and more about who you are and what you’re doing.
  3. Gather inspiration from your environment – Having your wedding in a barn? Incorporate distressed wood into your decor. Having your wedding in a backyard? Incorporate greenery to reflect the grass and trees around you. Having your wedding lakeside? Incorporate a splash of blue in your color palette.
  4. Consider these key elements – when browsing through images upon images of rustic weddings, you’ll find that there are a few key elements they all seem to have in common. Consider using some of these in your wedding to give it a classic rustic feeling:
    • Flowers! This may seem like a given, but the flowers that become intertwined in rustic weddings are typically very natural looking, ie. long-stemmed, and almost wild-looking (think just picked fresh from the wilderness) – ie. baby’s breath, daisies, sunflowers, freesia, hydrangea, etc. In addition to flowers being used in bouquets and centerpieces, flowers are used to decorate chairs, to spruce up a belt, and as a perfect addition to a great hairstyle.
    • Wood! This is a key element whether you notice it in the signs, the place cards, the furniture itself, or even in some non-traditional centerpieces, wood is everywhere in rustic weddings. Thinking of an outdoor wedding? Reclaimed wood pews like these make for a great alternative to ceremony seating.
    • Twine! This thread replaces a lot of traditional ribbons in rustic weddings; whether twine is tying the bouquet together, or teacups, or centerpieces – this is a more natural looking way than a colorful ribbon to literally tie the pieces of your wedding together.
    • Burlap! Since texture is an important aspect to Rustic Weddings, this is a go to fabric for decorating. This can be used for pretty much anything – think invitations, table runners, table place settings, floral vases, banners, candle holders, goodie bags, guest books, bows, ring bearer pillows, and so much more.
  5. Go with your gut – there is no real one stop checklist for a perfect wedding, to make your wedding rustic and unique go with your gut, even if it breaks all the rules. If you really love burlap and hate lace, go with it. Maybe you love both burlap and lace incorporate the two! At the end of the day you’ll be so much happier choosing something that fits your personal style than trying to confine yourself to a standard you may not love.

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